"Rocket" was our handsome tricolor boy out of Tracey. He needed only his majors to
finish his championship. Rocket was very moderate, with a stunning outline, pleasing
headpiece and soft melting expression.

Rocket was extremely athletic and loved high places. His favorite place to sleep was on
the back of the couch behind where I sat. After our beloved Carley died, it was very
hard for me to get back into the swing of things with the dogs. Carley was my "True
North", and my direction felt totally lost without her. Rocket put the wind back in my
sails, and put me back on course. For that reason, he held a special place in my heart.

Sadly, Rocket was lost during a show in Louisville, Kentucky on March 15, 2003 while
under Boyd Smith's care. He jumped out of an unattended pen, and was never found. I
have made 3 trips from Minneapolis to Louisville to find him. Our hopes were someone
had him, and would call us to return him. However, we now believe he was killed the
night he got away, but Boyd has never had the guts to tell us what really happened that
night, or offered to compensate us for his loss. His disappearance leaves a VERY big
hole in our hearts and our breeding program.

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